About Anonymouse

Anonymouse is an app dedicated to censorship-free communiation and anonymous engagement.

There was a time when most people learned about the world from a few professional communicators. The internet opened communication to the masses. In many cases they were more accurate and creative, and their interests and ideas more diverse.

But, from the start, the internet had a weakness. The internet is hierarchical. Control a few routers or nameservers at the top of the hieararchy, and you have a chokehold on it. Its structure leaves its innocent users vulnerable to wiretapping, censorship, and disruption by those who see themselves as judges of mankind.

We have been working to design a real alternative. Our approach is to support direct and transitive wireless communication among smartphones without reliance on vulnerable infrastructure.


No sign-up.
No profile.


No tracking.
No snooping.


No cost.
No internet needed.

Delay-Tolerant Networking: The key behind Transitive Wireless Communication

Anonymouse uses Delay-Tolerant Networking to get messages directly through and along a network of users, overcoming the censorship vulnerabilities traditional networks have.

Censorship-Free, Consistently Fresh News

Update your friends on late-breaking events without fear of censorship

Vibrant Discussion

Speak freely and hear others discuss ideas openly using a pen name nobody but you knows.

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